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To download Football Manager 2011 Full Version Free
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Download Football Manager 2011 Full Version Free.
On the 11 August 2010, Sports Interactive published a video announcing
a number of new features that will be included in Football Manager
2011.[2] This video announced the following features:
Agents roles have been enhanced; there will be five types of agents
that negotiate contracts. Some will give you a blank page for
negotiations, while others will ask for too much and others will be
more sensible.
There will be around a dozen new contact clauses, including a bonus for
players making it into the Team of the Year and a minimum fee release
clause if a big club comes in.
Negotiations with a player have been made “face to face” in order to increase the realism of the game.
Training has been enhanced; there will be fourteen extra areas to train
players in, and a new match preparation section allows you to train
players in specific formations.
Interaction with players and other managers has been improved,
including making it possible to have private conversations with players.
There are new board requests as part of this improved interaction,
including requesting higher percentage of transfer revenue and
requesting a new stadium if the current stadium can’t be expanded.
The news section and inbox have been merged back together with a new look, and there are more options for subscriptions.
The match engine has been improved to include player emotion, meaning
players will react more visibly to what is happening on the pitch.
The much-requested “dynamic league reputation” has been included,
meaning that if game-players take on a club in a less fancied nation,
and take that club to glory, the reputation of that nation’s league
will raise.
A number of features as well as the design of the box had previously
been leaked on the 23 July 2010, before any official announcements were
made by Sports Interactive and SEGA. Sports Interactive Studio Director
Miles Jacobson confirmed that some of the leaked information was
accurate and some wasn’t.
Other features that were posted on the Mirror Football blog from Miles Jacobson include:
Press Conference revamp – Not just a new user interface, and not just
150+ new press conference questions, but also all of the previous 500+
press conference questions have been fully reviewed, with possible
answers revised where necessary, leading to press conferences being
more intuitive and in situ.[4]
Match analysis improvements – Lots of new options available on the
match analysis chalkboard, with offsides, free kicks, corners, throw
ins, clear cut chances, half chances all now available to analyse via
the system, as well as the option to show all of the players match
actions at the same time, rather than having to look at them all
Squad registration / squad number split – We’ve separated out the squad
registration and squad numbering screens, so you can now give squad
numbers to players who don’t need to be registered.[6]
Newgen revamp – Newly generated players are now created using a new
system that looks at player templates for different styles of player,
as well as taking national traits into account, to ensure that the
types of player in the game are constant throughout the life of your
own saved game.
B-Team & Amateur revamp – Due to lots of feedback from our
community, particularly from Spanish and Danish users, regarding the
way that B teams and amateur work in the game compared to real life,
we’ve had a revamp on the way they work to make them more accurate than
ever before.

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