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Post by 3loomi on Thu Jan 13, 2011 4:31 am

Quran recitation

Below Quran recitation is relatively small in size, roughly 347 MB (all surah/chapters combined)
Below Quran Arabic Recitation recited by Sheikh Saed Alghamdi
Download ISO > Download Below Quran Recitation All Surahs ISO < Download ISO
Note 1:
the above complete Quran Recitation/Quran Arabic Recitation is an ISO
file, to extract you may need Power ISO, Magic ISO, or a free
alternative like
ALZip (click on ALZip
to download). when it finishes installing, you will see an extensions
window showing you which files types should be supported by
ALZip - simply checkmark on the bottom where you'll see iso, in order to support extracting ISO files

Note 2: to burn these mp3's directly to a CD or DVD without extracting from the ISO first, use ImgBurn (click on ImgBurn
to download). this program only burns the contents of an ISO file onto
a CD/DVD, it does not make an audio CD for CD players, unless your CD
or DVD player can play MP3 files

Qur'an Is Password Protected

To download the Qur'an MP3's, and the Qur'an
ISO (all mp3 files are in the ISO, easier to download 1 file than 114
mp3's), you will need to enter the correct username and password. This
was added as a security measure. Once you have entered the username
and password, you do not have to enter it again for roughly 24 hours.

Username: islam

the username/password will change for security reasons and will be available here

Password: islam

Quran recitation Whyislamisthetruth.com-main-image



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