CD / DVD Case: 7 Free Great Photoshop Templates

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CD / DVD Case: 7 Free Great Photoshop Templates

Post by evergreen on Wed Jan 19, 2011 11:39 pm

If you have a product to sell or promote and they come in the form
of CDs or DVDs, it’s good to present them in a disc-case visual. For
those who are not too familiar with Photoshop, drawing plastic disc
cases are no longer obstacles. Here’s few gorgeous looking free CD / DVD templates to make your life easier. They come in .PSD Photoshop files, each component broken down in layers for full customization.

Please check with author if you are planning to use them for commercial purposes. Full list after jump.

Butterfly Kisses by madame-faith – Here’s more, Vol 1, Vol 2. [via Webappers]

DVD icon template by whyred – Dvd case template, dvd & cd included.

CD-DVD template by Inonomas – This is a CD/DVD sticker template. It’s made serving a 12 x 12 cm disc.

dvd Plastic Case by manicho – Author has another one here, as well as a cassette version. Great job. [via Webappers]

Jewel Case by LeMarquis [via Webappers]

Jewel case by xplodr -1700×1500 px Jewel case template.

DVD Game Template by b0bd0gz – Here’s the PSD template for making DVD Game Icons.

s-68711853″>Butterfly Kisses by madame-faith

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