Handy, Free Stuff for Web Developers

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Handy, Free Stuff for Web Developers

Post by discovery on Sun Jan 30, 2011 4:59 am

Ready to start making your own website?

Web design is great fun at times, frustrating at others, but it's
always rewarding and can even be free! This section is filled with free
stuff for your website including web design resources and tools to help
you on your way to completing the website of your dreams.

Learn the basics of web design with the tutorials, add interactive
content to your website, like guest books and forums, find a server to
host it for free... and when you're ready find out how to promote and
make money from your website.

This section is where Webweaver started. I was brand new to the Web
and wanted to make my own webpage. The problem was I had no idea where
to begin and didn't want to spend money on it while learning. Slowly my
bookmark file began getting filled lists of free design resources and
services, so I uploaded that to my first website. Along the way other
people found that list and eventually I turned it into the main focus
of that site. Webweaver was born shortly after. I hope it's as helpful
to you as it has been for me =)

Handy, Free Stuff for Web Developers

Before you go wandering off, here's a couple resources that are
worth checking out. Yes, they might be sponsors, but they offer great
products and/or services for your website, and yes... I do use all of
them personally.


They offer tons of free resources for your website including Human
Click (visitors can see if you're online and page you, right from your
website!), polls, guest books, forums, chat rooms, free storage space,
tickers, password protection and much more (way to much to list here!).


OK, it's not directly a tool just for a webmaster, but there are a
ton of extensions that make it incredibly useful (Web Developer
Toolbar, HTML Validator, DOM Inspector and Live HTTP Headers just to
name a few). And it's faster, safer and well.. in my opinion, better
than Internet Explorer.
The web developer in me wants proper CSS support, and the surfer in me
want a safe, secure and fast way to wander the web. Well, FireFox
delivers both and it's totally customizable! It's been my default
browser since it was still in beta. Download it and see for yourself!


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