Easy to Follow Tutorials Design Websites

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Easy to Follow Tutorials Design Websites

Post by discovery on Sun Jan 30, 2011 5:16 am

Easy to Follow Tutorials to Help You Learn to Design Websites

While there are a lot of WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get)
editors out there I really do believe it's better to learn how to write
at least the basic html for yourself. Add a bit of css knowledge and I
can guarantee that with a very little effort your pages will look
better than what the other style of editors will spit out. It's handy
to know a bit of HTML even if you do decide to design with WYSIWYG
editors so you can add, change and remove items on your sites with
ease. Trust me, if I can learn to create webpages, anyone can!

These free web design tutorials start you out with a basic knowledge
and progress up to the more advance scripting languages. Go at your own
page and you'll be an ace designer in no time!

W3Schools has a
very wide range of web design tutorials starting at the very basic
HTML, CSS and Javascript and can take you right through to advanced
server side scripting. The lessons are well thought out and very easy
to follow and follow a natural progression to make learning easy even
for the beginner. If you're already more advanced it's very easy to
find the lessons you might want, including SQL, PHP etc. as well as
some handy multimedia tutorials. Recommended!

So, You Want to Make a Web Page
is the very first web design tutorial that I started with. It starts
off very, very basic, and has a lot of pictures to show you what it
should look like when the tags are done right. He also offers tables,
forms and frames tutorials as well along with a free color picker to help with the color coding.

The Web Developer's Virtual
Library has many free tutorials on html and even more advanced web
design, like style guides, html editors, html standards and proposed
improvements, Usenet Newsgroups, CGI, Java, ActiveX, reference
material, graphic tips and programs, even animation, plugin support,
multimedia info, and a lot more. They are considered by many to be
among the leaders in sources of web technology articles and tutorials,
and covers all areas of interest to webmasters, designers and
developers, from beginner to expert. Really worth checking out!

JavaScript for the Total Non-Programmer
tutorial teaches you the basics of JavaScript and starts off assuming
you know nothing about it when you start, unlike most of the other
JavaScript tutorials.

CGI 101
A free CGI
tutorial that is aimed at beginners, who have knowledge of html but
want to learn the basics of CGI. Rather well written and will teach you
enough to get you writing your very own cgi scripts in very little time.

If you want to learn
anything about XML this place pretty much covers it, all in one (huge)
site. It is written from a bit more of an advanced veiw point, so if
you're totally new to web design it might be a bit much to wade though.
Keep plugging at it though, this site has a ton of very helpful

Chami Tips
A huge tips
and tricks site that covers pretty much you'll ever wonder about with
the web and computers! Be sure to take the time to visit their main page,
Chami makes one of the best known (and most highly thought of) text
editors around... and yes, the free version is fully functional with no
time limits to try it out



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