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Post by evergreen on Sun Mar 14, 2010 4:33 pm

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Discover Islam Sham3ah

What are the pillars of Islam?

The pillars of Islam are...
1- The belief (Imaan): That there is no God to be worshipped
except Allaah (the one God) and that Muhammad (peace and blessings of God be upon him) is
His Messenger.

2- Performing the prescribed prayers (Salaat): five times a

3- Fasting (Siyaam): Once a year, from sunrise to sunset
throughout the entire month of Ramadhan.

4- Charity (Zakaat): Which is paid to the poor and needy
once every year.

5- Hajj: Which is the pilgrimage to Makkah once in a lifetime
if one is physically able and can afford it financially.

Pillars are part of a building. The building in this case is the perfect human being who
cares and protects the rights of all creations and fellow humans, thus establishing a
society in which truth and justice and peace is supreme

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