What Can You Put in Your Widget Boxes?

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What Can You Put in Your Widget Boxes?

Post by discovery on Wed Mar 09, 2011 9:50 am

Important Information: You
can't just copy and paste any code into a "widget box" or "about me"
section on your Eons profile and be safe.

  • Your Eons Profile Page is not the same as your own website
    you have all the control. The layout has already been done for you.
    Certain things you might add to your own website can cause conflict
    with the
    Eons layout. Here are some trouble areas:

    • Code is too
      . The different areas have character limits. If the
      code is
      too long, it will be truncated (cut off in the middle). This has often
      caused Eons profile pages to crash.
    • Code
      contains "absolute positioning"
      Some widget sharing sites include "absolute positioning" code to cause
      their advertisement to appear in the top left of your profile page or
      some other specific point. This can conflict with the Eons layout and
      cause problems. This can cause problems for other social networking
      sites as well.
    • Certain
      widgets made specifically for other sites
      have code
      that conflicts with the Eons profile page. This is generally when the
      code targets certain areas to style. These areas have different widths,
      height, locations, etc., on other sites, therefore the code can change
      Eons profile layout in undesirable ways

Adding the Code:

folks already have the code for the image or widget they want to add.
They just want to know how to add it on the Eons Profile Page. So,
we'll start with where you can put "widgets" and how to add the code.

For the widget areas.

  • Go
    to your profile page
  • Click on "Add Widget" from next to your
    head shot (or you can scroll
    down to one of the widget areas To the right of "Widgets", you'll see
    "Edit/Add" Click on Add)
  • You'll be taken to a new page. Paste
    the code into the textarea box
  • Choose a location from the
    dropdown under the textarea box - default, Left column, Middle column,
    Right column
  • Click if you want others to be able to click to
    copy the widget
  • Click on "Add Widgets"

About me

  • Click on edit across from "About"
  • Click
    on Interest and Activities tab
  • Put your code in one of the
    boxes (There is a size limit)
  • Scroll to the bottom and click
    "Save Changes"
interest and activity boxes are actually intended for a list of items
separated by commas, so sometimes a comma in code can cause a problem
with how it renders. Also, if the code is very long, it won't work. If
you get a message that the code is too long, delete the code rather
than trying to save the page.

Text with Style:

CSS Code:


  • Eons' Widget Gallery: http://www.eons.com/widgets
    widgets here should not cause any conflicts - It's the Eons official
    gallery, afterall! You can search using keywords or browse through
    Favorites, Hottest, New and Notable and/or Top-rated. You can also use
    filters for News, Weather, Stocks and/or Sports
  • Your
    Minis - http://www.yourminis.com/ - This site has several pages of
    widgets, & also a section for blog widgets. recommended in
    Post: The
    "Boxes" on Eons



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