promt Expert 8.0 Translator الاحترافي للترجمة

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promt Expert 8.0 Translator الاحترافي للترجمة

Post by evergreen on Tue Mar 16, 2010 12:21 am

السلام عليكم

برنامج خطير جدا في الترجمة يدعم اللغات الاوروبية

وللاسف لا يدعم اللغة العربية

لمزيد من التفاصيل:

@promt Expert 8.0 Translator
eID=1238400&resid=UG1SPQoHAkMAAEoHOJgAAAAW&rests=1 258658693216


Expert 8.0 is the most advanced translation software system available,
providing users with an extensive set of professional-grade
customization tools and integration capabilities, including those with
Microsoft Office®️, Internet Explorer®️, and Adobe Acrobat®️, as well as
SDL TRADOS, making it the ideal system for translation agencies and
organizations working extensively with multilingual information.

The new Microsoft Office 2007-style interface lets you enter new words
into user dictionaries with a single click. @promt Expert 8.0 also
enables you to create dictionaries automatically, use the internal
Translation Memory system, and supports Mozilla Firefox and OpenOffice.


Easy-to-use translation and editing environment
Translate text quickly and accurately with just a single click. For
ease of editing, source and target texts are synchronized at an
individual word level and translation variants are displayed for words
with multiple meanings.
Increase human translation throughput
Smooth inter-operation between two high-end translation tools – @promt
Expert machine translation and TRADOS Translation Memory - enables
companies to dramatically increase the productivity of human
Expert tools for work with user dictionaries
Automatically create user dictionaries from existing glossaries or
TRADOS Translation Memory databases; compare and merge user
dictionaries or convert them into specialized dictionary format and
attach them to any @promt 8.0 translation program.
Expert tools for terminology management
Search for terminology candidates at the pre-translation stage and use
the list of words retrieved to create specialized dictionaries.
Translate from within your favorite applications
Full-featured translation tools integrate directly into Microsoft
Office applications (Word®️, Outlook®️, Excel®️, PowerPoint®️ and
FrontPage®️), Adobe Acrobat Reader®️, Adobe Acrobat 5.0-8.0, and Internet
Explorer 5.x-7.x.
Adjust program options to meet your requirements.
The extensive set of professional customization options included
enables users to fine-tune and save translation settings for future
application with similar documents.

نرجو من شركات الترجمة االآلية العربية مثل اتاسوفت الاندماج في هذا البرنامج لتقديم افضل خدمة ترجمة الية عربية

بعض الصور:

رابط التحميل

تحميل البرنامج مع كل الحزم لكل اللغات المدعومة بالبرنامج

عدا العربية طبعا

@promt Expert Translator GIANT PACK exe

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Re: promt Expert 8.0 Translator الاحترافي للترجمة

Post by 3loomi on Sun Aug 21, 2011 5:19 pm


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