New Update: JavaScript Code Management

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New Update: JavaScript Code Management

Post by evergreen on Thu Sep 01, 2011 9:38 pm


In an effort to continuously improve our services, and in
response to numerous requests from our members and the difficulties
they have had to host their Javascripts files on an external service,
we offer you today a new update for hosting your own JavaScript & jQuery codes directly on your forums.

This new feature has appeared in your admin panel>> Modules>> HTML & JavaScript>> JavaScript codes management

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With this new feature, you can easily host and manage the javascript codes you wish to place on your forum pages directly from your administration panel.
Therefore, your scripts can be automatically called on the pages of
your choice and are directly inserted into the head section <head>...</head> of the page.

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These scripts are of course available for editing and / or deletion from your JavaScript code management in the admin panel:

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applications of this innovation are endless and can completely
transform your forum. They are limited only by your imagination and
your JavaScript skills ... ;)

For members with a forum on PhpBB2 or PunBB version and with modified templates overall_header

You will need to update your own custom overall_header template by searching the code

Code: ----------Select content<!-- BEGIN google_analytics_code -->

then adding this code before it:

Code: ----------Select content{HOSTING_JS}

See you soon with other innovations

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