Cake...Homemade Moist & Delicious Recipes

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Cake...Homemade Moist & Delicious Recipes

Post by evergreen on Sat Sep 10, 2011 10:11 pm

Cake...Homemade Moist & Delicious Recipes

These homemade from scratch recipes, will score big points with your family.
Most homemade recipes really don't take any longer to put together than a
bought mix and homemade is so much better!

Each of these recipes came from my Grandma's recipe box. They always came out perfect and so moist and delicious.
Try some of her perfect baking tips.

Perfect Baking Tips

To ensure that you have equal amounts of batter in each pan, use a kitchen scale to measure the weight.

Fill pans two-thirds full and spread batter into corners and sides,
leaving a slight hollow in center.

You can tell when it's done because it will shrink from the sides of the pan or if it springs back
when touched lightly with the finger.

After removing from the oven, place it on a rack for about five minutes.
Then, the sides should be loosened and turned out on a rack in order
to finish cooling.

Icing will remain where you put it if you sprinkle cake with powdered sugar first.


Old Fashioned Chocolate

Five Flavor Pound

Pineapple Crunch


Date Coffee



Orange Carrot

Banana Split


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