Bedroom Decor Design For Single Men

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Bedroom Decor Design For Single Men

Post by discovery on Wed Sep 14, 2011 12:08 am

Bedroom Decor Design For Single Men

The things that can give the bedroom a
masculine feeling is the wall colors, accessories, bedding and
furniture. A man is not completely for delicate things but luxury is a
style statement and yes men want it too. To give the room a clean and
clear look one should first clearly demarcate what he really wants and
what are for decorative purpose only. Fresh flowers and floral drapes
are definitely not macho, so how to go about it?


Bed is not the only furniture in the bedroom. Right from the side
tables to the dresser to the wardrobe everything speaks volume of
masculinity. Try going for strong wooden furniture rather than the
wrought iron stuff. Right from the bed to the small dresser everything
in wood gives a clean look to the men bedroom.


A man bedroom should have basic and bold colors to give it a strong
look. The hot favorites being black, blue, purple and green. You can
actually do magic with the application of these colors in the right
way. Go for the same tones in one color rather than selecting different
colors for one bedroom. If you are going for wallpaper finish then try
them in these shades with horizontal and vertical lines. Creating a
wave pattern with a particular wallpaper design is also a good choice.

Men Bedroom Accessories

Well men are not boring and neither are their bedrooms. To start with,
go for some straight vertical looking side table lamps. These lamps not
only provide easy bedtime reading but also give some effective lighting
solution for the bedroom. One can also add some elephant print throw in
pillows for the stylish feel. For wall accessories go for earthy
paintings. If you are fond of art then modern art is also a good choice.


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