French Manicure

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French Manicure

Post by evergreen on Fri Sep 16, 2011 12:51 am

French Manicure

How To Get A French Manicure

How To Get A French Manicure


It's essential to prepare your hands and nails before applying nail
. First, exfoliate your hands by massaging
them using a small amount of body scrub. Rinse with water and dry
thoroughly. One of the main causes of chapped hands
is not drying them properly after washing.


File your nails. If they are brittle or tend to split, keep them flat
across the top with smooth, rounded edges. When
filing, move in one direction, from outer corner to centre-sawing
movements can damage the nail plate. Choose a nail
file with a fine surface that glides over the nail.


Coat hands in a layer of sweet almond oil, to norish and soften, then
wrap in a warm towel and relax for 15 minutes. Unwrap,
and gently push back cuticles using a rubber hoof stick (available from
most chemists). Never use cuticle clippers, as they
can nick the skin. Rinse hands with warm water and dry thoroughly to
remove any oil residue.


Apply one coat of base coat over your entire nail and allow a couple of
minutes to dry. This will help strengthen the nail.
Some products also level fine ridges and imperfections, leaving a smooth
surface to apply polish. There's a wide range of base
coats to choose from.


For a square look, paint a straight line across the tips; for a rounded
appearance, follow the curve of the nail; and to get a pointed
style, paint in from each side to the centre. Some manicure kits
include sticky strips to use as a guide. when applying, lay your hand
on a flat surface and keep the ball of your painting hand steady and
keep the ball of your painting hand steady by resting it on the same
surface. Leave to dry.


Finally, apply a coat of translucent shell-pink nail
over the entire
nail to seal the whitened tip and complete the look. Allow 10 minutes
for it to dry. For extra shine and protection, apply a clear, glossy
top coat.

French manicure

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