No More Fear in 2 Phases! Enhance Your Self Esteem

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No More Fear in 2 Phases! Enhance Your Self Esteem

Post by diamonds on Thu Oct 20, 2011 10:02 pm

No More Fear in 2 Phases! Enhance Your Self Esteem

Self esteem is believed to be a result of success and
accomplishment, or of popularity. In reality, it's a simple matter of
living your truth. You have seen this. You have seen the fat girl who is
popular and funny. You have probably also seen the successful athlete
who was tongue tied when he was handed the microphone. We will explain
how this happens so that you can become the person you never thought you
could be.
Phase One: Connect to your Spirit
This can
be done by meditation, or coherent breathing, or by learning
bio-feedback or by playing Wild Divine. The idea is to disconnect from
earthbound egoic stress and to re-connect to your spirit. However you do
this, you will move resources from the back of your brain (reptilian
brain and fight or flight response area) to the front of your brain for
optimum cognitive function and intuition. Thinking clearly does wonders
for your self esteem.
This might seem counter intuitive to you,
but you can't be afraid if you are breathing at 5 breaths/minute. To be
afraid, your breathing must become more shallow and fast. This is a
response to changes in the brain that signal such a response. But, if
you ignore those signals, and instead slow and deepen your breathing,
you will change the initial alarm signal to one of calm and safety. The
rate of 5 breaths per minute synchronizes your heartbeat with your
breathing and activates the autonomic nervous system to activate your
natural healing systems. This alone has allowed mountain climbers to
climb higher without needing oxygen. Having good oxygen metabolism makes
you feel more confident. Shallow oxygen processing makes you feel
Meditation enhances your sense of calm and more. During
meditation, you slow and deepen your breathing, and clear your mind,
making it available to receive intuition, creative ideas or solutions to
your most vexing problems. This helps you to stay connected to your
spirit, no matter how life seems to be trying to knock you off your
path. This is advantageous for self esteem.
Phase Two: Disconnect from your Pain Body
have borrowed a useful concept here from Eckhart Tolle. We are all too
familiar with the pain body. Simply remember any time when an angry
friend or family member took you out of a good mood, and put you in an
angry place. That was their pain body inflaming yours. The pain body is
part of our ego, and not of our spirit. The pain body is activated when
one of our negative emotions is activated.
This is what happens
when the successful athlete is unable to be natural when the microphone
is handed to him. The microphone does this to many. It represents a
challenge to your pride, and fear of failure because it magnifies your
voice, usually in front of an audience.
The easiest way to
disconnect from the negative emotions is to implant a positive emotion.
Love works well. Simply send love to your audience, or take a sip of
water in which you have planted love and gratitude.
is an Hawaiian method of problem solving that involves love and
gratitude, forgiveness and belief. "I love you. I'm sorry. Please
forgive me. Thank you." Clear your heart and mind daily with
Ho'oponopono and you will never fear.

Nancy J. Stremmel is the co-owner and developer of:
the compendium of information on the Law of Attraction. She is a
writer, licensed Social Worker, educator, artist and therapist. She
believes that everyone can make the Law of Attraction work for them.

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Article Source:!-Enhance-Your-Self-Esteem&id=5379382

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