Biological Unhappiness Disorders Symtoms

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Biological Unhappiness Disorders Symtoms

Post by nokia on Fri Nov 04, 2011 5:49 am

Biological Unhappiness Disorders Symtoms and Criteria

I don't know why I did it!

But what if I make a

You mean I'm not supposed to think all
the time?

Don't get me mad!

I can't stop worrying even when I try.

I just can't seem to get

I can't throw that away, what if I
need it some day?

My house is always a mess.

Why do I speak without thinking first?

I get so mad at other

My life is up and down.

It seems I have to work so
hard to be happy when others don't.

I hate it when people don't like me.

I have no energy.

What's the point, it's not going to
work out anyway.

It's my way or the highway.

I hate being quiet, I feel so

I read the whole page and I
can't remember what I read.

I need to check it out just one more

If I die the pain will
finally go away.

I can't believe what I've done.

I'll never forgive myself.

I'm not meant to be happy.

I realize food is a drug for me, but I
still can't stop eating.

People think I'm weird.

I feel so angry.

It's so hard to make

I deserve to suffer.

What's the point, there's no
hope anyway.

I have such a bad temper.

I'm a nervous wreck.

Why are the tests always normal?
Something must be wrong.

My PMS is awful.

I think I have a chemical imbalance.

I hate myself.

Marijuana and alcohol are the only
things that give me some peace.

I can't stand feeling like
I'm going to die or go crazy.

Stress turns me into a monster.

Don't ask me to do the

Deja vu, things feeling unreal, I'm
afraid to tell anybody.

Prozac made me feel hyper
and scared.

Don't even try to interrupt me when
I'm doing something I like.

Nothing ever really works
for my depression.

I get bad moods for no good reason.

My mind never, ever stops.

Anxiety, rage, depression and despair.

It's so hard to listen and
pay attention.

I feel so empty inside.

I just can't seem to get
things finished.

Why do I like drugs and danger?

How could it be nerves?

Why do I get myself into so much

Why can't I have a happy,
successful relationship?

I'm afraid of medicines, I'm allergic
to everything.

Prozac stopped working.


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