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how to bw happy

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How to be Happy –

site for positive thinking as a way of life


There are laws of the Universe just as the law of the gravitation. If
you know those laws you will be able to manage your life better and
achieve whatever you want. Those laws are the same even though they are
formulated in a different way by different authors.
I made a summary of the most common effects of those laws on the basis of various doctrines and authors below:

1. Mind is the Prime cause

That is the law of the clear potential, expression and mentality. It
says that the prime cause of the whole Universe is the clear Mind… the
Mind is the potential that needs to be expressed. The world is a Mental
creation in the Mind of the Universe. Lets say it in other way – the
MIND is the prime cause of everything such as the Universe, God and
everything else. The world is the expression of that Mind.

There is no barrier between you and that Mind because you are unified
together into one. Your mind creates your own world just like the world
is created of the Mind. The mind is the prime cause of everything and
you choose what you bear in your mind.

2. Law of Attraction

It says that similar things attract each other. There is a continuous
motion and vibration of everything of the World. The Creation is
expressed in various ways depending on the different speed and forms of
the vibration. Every thought vibrates and radiates different signals
thus attracts similar energy.

Your thoughts plus your feelings are equal to your energy. The energy
radiated by you attracts similar energy. Everything surrounding you
start to change whenever you change your energy. If you want to attract
something that you want to have in your life you should be in a
vibration harmony with it.

The easiest way to achieve what you want is to imagine that you
already have it, to experience it and enjoy it, to feel the pleasure of
having it…. to find the feeling and hold it inside your mind. In this
way similarly to a magnet, you radiate vibrations and start to attract
people, circumstances and objects with similar vibrations.

3. Law of Intention

In conformity with this law, you can be sure in the positive outcome
if you are lead by a clear intention. Clear intention is a wish that
contains no doubts, no fear nor manipulation. That is a wish that is not
bounded by the result and your concentration is on the achievement of
your goal.

The intention bears strong organizing power that may change your
situation and make everything happen as you imagine it. If you want to
realize your intention you need the following:

  • You need to formulate a clear goal that you want to achieve.
  • You should have faith with no doubts, as Vadim Zealand says: empty
    and careless determination when you “know” that your goal will come
    true. You should be patient and calm after making your “order” and
    wishes to the Universe and have trust in it. Affirmations will help you a lot.
  • You should accept what you want. You should also know that you do deserve to have your goal achieved. The visualization of your goal achieved will help you get closer to its realization.
  • You should be on alert i.e. to be aware of the signals that Universe
    sends to you. Do not impose your own scenario to the world. Very often
    things happen in the most unexpected way. Try to see various
    alternatives in order to be able to make use of all possibilities that
  • The most important step is to give up on the emotional attachment to
    your goal. That means to decrease the significance of your goal and
    refuse to chase it. Of course you should keep your intention and enjoy
    the process of striving for your goal. Then everything that you wish
    will come true spontaneously.

As Deepak Chopra says :

„Internal Intention to get an object of your attention will organize
unlimited number of events in order to make it happen. That is due to
the unlimited organizing power of your intention.”

4. Law of Paradox Intention

There is a law of a more specific intention, when things do not
happen as you wish. Then you get exactly what you do NOT actively want
and that is due to the paradox intention. Here is a definition of the
paradox intention by Sandra Ann Taylor:

“You are able to drive back those things that you desperately strive
for! If you try very hard to make something happen, the vibration of
disappointment will drive it back from you. That will alienate you from
people and circumstances that may bring you the desired result.


You may block your ability to receive desired things when you give up
on your happiness today and welcome the anxiety about insecurity of


The best energy is created inside yourself when you get rid of your
impatience and feel hope trust and peace of the present instead of
despair. You can get what you want ONLY IF YOU KNOW THAT YOU NEED IT FOR BEING HAPPY which is in conformity with the law of paradox intention!

When you are all so deeply in the energy of paradox intentions, the
only thought in your mind is that “I can not be happy if that does not
happen.” This belief will turn your idea into inability to be happy in
your own reality…

You should strive for your goals because the positive result will enrich YOUR HAPPY LIFE
not because you would feel unhappy without those achievements.
Sometimes, the Universe does not give you what you want whenever you
want it simply because there is something far better to happen to you in

5. Law of Harmony and the Smallest Effort

Your energy allows the abundance of the Universe to come into your
life when you live in harmony with yourself. Then you have access to all
the enlightenment, power and blessing that world offers. Then things
that you desire happen to you without any efforts… spontaneously. Nature
acts on your behalf when there is no resistance and no energy wasted in

„Grass does not try to grow up, it just grows itself… and human nature is to materialize your dream easily and effortlessly.“

You can feel harmony inside yourself only if you ACCEPT yourself and
the way you are, including all your disadvantages and weaknesses. Then
you will be able to attain balance between your feelings and thoughts.
Sometimes, you have to do a job and you do not want to work at all.
Eckhart Tolle advise you to immediately stand up and do your job or
accept your laziness… You should enjoy it and do not reprimand yourself…

If a person or a situation make you feel worried, you either have to
express what annoys you and change what you can or accept the person and
the situation without reservation… Inner harmony means to feel
acceptance, with no torments or disagreement.

You have to concentrate on two contrary intentions in order to achieve harmony with world:

  • To take on total responsibility
    for your reaction and acceptance of some things. You are the only one
    who decides if a situation is a problem or a possibility. It is your
    responsibility if you choose to suffer or to “make a lemon juice”.
  • To refuse to have control over situation.
    You are not here to change the World. You have to choose something out
    of it that you want to have. Everything exist out there and you have no
    power to change what surrounds you. It is not necessary to control
    people nor situations as you always want to do… It is within your power
    to choose something and attract whatever you would love to have.

6. Law of Reason and Consequence

Your energy is kept inside the world forever in conformity with this
law. All the energy is accumulated on the world and creates something
that is similar to a bank account of the destiny. That is the Law of
fate as Deepak Chopra calls it. Your every thought or deed as well as
every contact with other persons, no matter good or bad, are just a part
of your investment in your own destiny. Every action that you take
generates energy that returns to you in a similar way.

If you want to keep and use this law, you should follow the advice of
Deepak Chopra. You have to be aware of the choices that you make every
day and do what is “right”. Doing the “right” things has nothing to do
with moral. The right decisions and actions make you feel peace of mind,
emotional comfort and cause you neither guilt nor hatred etc. You
should only have trust into your own feelings. It is normal to feel at
ease when you do the “right” thing. Your future is built on the basis of
every choice that you make in every moment of your life.

7. Law of Giving

Universe functions by means of dynamic exchange in conformity with
this law… Giving and receiving are different aspects of the energy flow
in the Universe. Giving arouse receiving and vice versa. If the flow of
one of them is suspended you will be in contradiction with the reason of
the nature.

You should learn to give what you strive for in order to activate
this process of circulation. The easiest way to get what you want is to
help others get what they want. When you give something away you always
get something in return. If you stop the circulation of the money, get
yourself attached and hide your money, you will also stop the contrary
external circulation of money towards you.

Of course giving out is not always related to money. You may give
love, smile, do a favor to someone, reach out your hand for somebody who
needs you. It is important not to feel sorry about anything that you

Do not feel any feeling of loss because that is not the core of the
true giving. When you decide to give something out do it straight from
your heart without expecting a reward. That is the genuine Gift and it
pleases the one who gives it. When you give in this way the Universe
will also provide you with what you want anyhow.

8. Law of Non – Attachment

In accordance with this law, it is possible to get what you want if
you do give up on your dependence and attachment to it. That does not
mean to renounce your wishes. That means to refuse to be attached to the
expected result.

It is important to be independent on certain result. Try to not let
it put meaning into your life and happiness because very often something
else happens to you. You may receive what you want at a later stage of
your life, to learn something or meet somebody just for the better. You
get what you already renounced when you give up on your emotional
attachment to the desired result.

You have to renounce your attachment to the known and the past in
order to achieve more goals and attain your self-growth. It is illusion
to look for security in material objects or what you already know. You
should liberate yourself from your old beliefs where there is no
evolution, nor development or creativity.

Deepak Chopra says:

„Renounce your dependence and attachment to what is known,
try to step over in the unknown and you will get into the field of the
unlimited opportunities.”

9. Law of Goal

Every person has his own unique talent and purpose in life. All
people have external expression in the physical world in order to
accomplish their own mission. Every person had to learn his own lessons
and contribute to the expansion of the Universe using his own talent.

There is meaning of every life and every person has the potential to
create his extraordinary Opus. Universe “show” him the right way because
this is HIS WAY and circumstances, people and events support him in
order to achieve his own Mission in life.

Your energy is dispersed when you want to achieve too many goals. If
you unite your wishes and efforts and focus your energy in one direction
that leads to your goal. Then the power of your energy becomes
incredibly powerful.

„Your Mission is Superior than yourself. It changes the person who
you are now and turns you into the person whom you expect to be.”
Benjaimin Earl Taylor

10. Law of Rhythm and Balance

Everything in natures strives for balance. The difference in the
levels of the atmosphere pressure equalizes by the wind whereas
temperature difference is balanced by the heat exchange. There is always
balance of powers that is oriented to equalize the imbalance, no matter
where a lack of potential appears in nature.

There are always tides in life that follow the principle of the
rhythm. White and back periods, success and failure, day and night,
birth and death go over again and again. That is the expression of the
law of balance. There is a complete balance when nothings goes on but
there is no absolute balance.

Every fluctuation of energy activates the law of the balance. Your
deeds and thoughts create a lack of potential in your life. Vadim
Zealand says that you activate power of balance every time when you
impart excessive IMPORTANCE to someone or something. The power of
balance tries to equalize the difference between energy potentials by
getting you closer or moving you away from the desired object.

Every process in nature happens by means that require the least
consumption of energy. Thus you get the contrary of what you want. The
law of the balance explains clearly why you get what you do NOT actively
want and get the contrary of it.

You should reduce the Importance of the situation in order to not
activate this law. Remember that the extreme efforts of you would lead
you to the reverse effects. For example, if a person who imparts extreme
importance to his job and his job is the most important thing in his
life, it is possible that he is influenced by the power of balance and
gets sick, or there is no acknowledgement to him by his colleagues.
There is a quote that says: “If a person is not able to have a rest,
then he is not able also to work well.”

What to do if you want to avoid the principle of the rhythm and the
negative motion of the fly after failure? You have to forget about your
ego. Try to not let certain achievements make you feel too proud of
yourself and do not give too much importance to the results.

The action of this law should be reviewed in more details in a separate publication as well as each one of those universal laws.

You only have to remember that when you win something, there is
something that you lose. The rich may have money but they also have the
same things that the poor have. The rhythm is always well-balanced.

11. Law of Equivalent

There is a congruence and correspondence between the different level of the Manifestation and Way of Life.

„Whatever is out there above, the same is also below… and vice versa.” Kybalion

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