The best sites to create your own character

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The best sites to create your own character

Post by diamonds on Fri Nov 25, 2011 4:45 am

The best sites to create your own character

Welcome to Character Creator, we review in detail, all the best games that feature in depth character creation and development. The games range from online character builders right through to the best pc and console games where not only do you create a character, but you then proceed to play with that character immersing yourself in epic storylines and gameplay which make the games come to life.

Many of games offer a wide variety of storylines and role play which are dependant on the type of character you design both physically and mentally. Character development is immensely important in role playing games today and without these key attribute a game would wither and die. Lasting and fully enjoyable experiences are only delivered to passionate gamers when a character's creation and development is left in your hands and not the developers. We are here simply to help you decide which game to spend your money on, we hope you enjoy are reviews

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Simpsons Movie Character Creator

Running straight right out of the Simpsons official movie site is
the "create your own Simpsons character" tool. This little flash based
program is large, clunky and takes a while to get used to. But
considering the kind of final character you can make, the effort you
put in will be well worth it.

The actual creation process scores low in terms of fun factor. Users
will have to move back and forth between option pages as they look for
the matching features for their own character. Following the order of
the site, you will be building your character from the head down. While
this is the common practice for many, having it forced on you is a
little unsettling. Sure, you can go back to previous selections in
order to preview your later choices to see if the pieces match. But
this takes a little more time than it should.

In return however, the site provides users with a giant library of
Matt Groening style artwork for creating your character. All the
details are provided for users as they create the perfect facsimile of
their Springville-styled-selves. From Marge's towering hair to
Flanders's signature moustache, fans of the decade old cartoon series
will see some pretty familiar features. Of course, there are enough new
features that will allow you to create something completely new.

While there is plenty of focus on the body type and the facial
features, you do not get as many choices in terms of clothes -
particularly for the legs and feet. The clothing colors can be
selected, but the actual style is limited to just one for pants and
shoes, and two for the top. At least the shirt gets plenty of decal
choices - mostly images that refer to a lot of content seen in the
Simpsons movie (we would have loved a nice big Duff Beer shirt logo).

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