A-Z of Free Photoshop Plugins and Filters

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A-Z of Free Photoshop Plugins and Filters

Post by discovery on Fri Mar 23, 2012 1:03 am

A-Z of Free Photoshop Plugins and Filters


The Photoshop community is choc-full of many free
resources, tutorials, tips and techniques, .psd files and even Actions.
There is one area that it sadly lacks in, and that is free plugins and
filters. Of course, Photoshop has been the pioneer in graphic editor
development for a long time now, and with each new version (its current
version is CS4) has added an endless supply of features and addons, and
as a result, perhaps the need for free plugins or filters is no longer
required. Or has it been ignored?

Traditionally plugins are an amateur photographer’s best friend, take
your shots, fire up Photoshop, apply some well preset filters, and hey
presto you have a reasonably professional image. Professional
photographers have been known to use plugins as a base and then tweak
and add effects to achieve there own personal professional touch.
Plugins are basically an indispensable tool that do not recieve the
attention they deserve. And that brings us back to our original mystery,
why are there so few free plugins and filters? Do you know the answer? I

In this A-Z of free Photoshop plugins and filters
you will find a few plugins that are (almost) as old as time itself, do
not fear, they will work perfectly on all versions of Photoshop and the
effect they produce are just as useful now as they were then. If you are
looking for a simple and easy method to add effects to an image, this
is the post for you.

A-Z of Free Photoshop Plugins & Filters

3D Shadow

This handy plugin easily creates various types of 3D shadows from
objects such as letters, numbers, shapes and so on. All settings are
present in a single window – transparency level, perspective, shadow
color and position, X/Y/Z angles, and many more.
More Details and Downloads

AAA Buzzer

AAA Buzzer simplifies your image while retaining sharp edges, with
low ratio settings in works fairly quickly, it does work slower at a
higher ratio, but it also removes more detail.
More Details and Downloads

Absolute Color

Absolute Color is based on a hue wheel subdivided into 6 sectors of
60 degrees. Choose a slector color segment and it will restrict the
tints of the image for that color.
More Details and Downloads

B/W Conversion

This is a black and white conversion plugin with a difference. It
allows you to take total control over the tonal response of Red, Yellow,
Green, Cyan, Blue and Magenta, and the intermediate hues. The user can
boost each colors tonal response all the way up to white or limit it
down to black, without affecting the other colors at all .
More Details and Downloads



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