3D Layered Text Effect

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3D Layered Text Effect

Post by discovery on Mon Mar 26, 2012 4:04 pm

3D Layered Text Effect

In this Awesome
Photoshop tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a 3D text effect using
actions, basic transform operations and filters. This is an intermediate
level, approximately 2 cups of coffee

Here is the Final Image
Before we start lets see the final image we’ll create through out this tutorial. You can download the layered PSD document here.

Create the Text
Let’s start by creating a new document that is 1000 pixels wide and 600
pixels high at a Resolution of 300 pixels/inch using RGB Color Mode.
Fill the "Background" layer with 65% Black. Get the Horizontal Type Tool
and type "6PX". I’m using Bauhaus 93 font. Set Font Size to 78 pt,
Tracking to 80 and Color to black.

Center the Text
Now we’ll center the "6PX" layer, this will be neccessary creating the
light rays later. Go to the Layers Palette and select both layers. Go to
Layer > Align > Vertical Centers, then go to Layer > Align > Horizontal Centers.

Create the Strips
Create a new layer named "Strips". Set Foreground and Background colors
to default (Black and White) by pressing D on the keyboard. Now press X
to switch colors. Fill the "Strips" layer with white by pressing Alt +
Backspace. Go to Filter > Sketch > Halftone Pattern and use these settings: Size => 3, Contrast => 50, Pattern Type => Line. Now we have a layer filled with black and white lines.

Create the Strips
Alt-click on the line between "6PX" and "Strips" layers to mask the
strips. Get the Move Tool and move the "Strips" layer a few pixels up or
down [you can use the arrow keys] if neccessary, regarding that the
white areas will be the strips and blacks will be empty space. Go to
Layers Palette and select both "Strips" and "6PX" layers and hit
Command+E to merge.

Create the Strips
Command-click the "Strips" layer thumbnail to load the selection, hit
Command+C to copy. Go to Channels Palette, create a new channel and hit
Command+V to paste. We’ll select the white areas here, but before that
let’s make some rounded corners. Hit Command+D to deselect. Go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur and apply with radius of 2 pixels. Go to Image > Adjustments > Levels,
set Shadow Input Level to 120 and Highlight Input Level to 155 and
apply. If there are very small white areas, select them and fill with

Create the Strips
Now we’ll get the white areas selected. Command-click the "Alpha 1"
channel. Go back to Layers Palette and delete the "Strips" layer. Create
a new layer named "Front" and fill the selection with color #b3b3b3,
then hit Command+D to deselect. Now apply a Gradient Overlay Layer Style
to this layer and use these settings: Blending
Mode => Multiply, Opacity => 100%, Gradient => Black, White,
Style => Radial, Angle => 90, Scale => 150%, and Align With
Layer => Unchecked. Before closing the dialog box, drag the center of the gradient up, as in the below image.

Those Strips Need Some More Style
Now apply a Bevel and Emboss style using these settings: Style
=> Inner Bevel, Technique => Chisel Hard, Depth => 120%,
Direction => Up, Size => 2 pixels, Soften => 2 pixels, Angle
=> 145 and Altitude => 55 degrees. Set Highlight and Shadow Opacity values at 75%.

Arrange the Layers
Duplicate the "front" layer. Make the Bevel and Emboss style invisible.
Create a new layer above "Front copy" layer and name it "Extrude".
Select both "Extrude" and "Front copy" layers and merge them. Doing this
will flatten the layer styles. Drag the "Extrude" layer below the
"Front" layer in the Layers Palette, and make "Front" layer invisible
for now.

Put Some Color
Make sure "Extrude" layer is selected in the Layers Palette and go to Image > Adjustments > Hue/Saturation. Check the Colorize and set Hue to 40, Saturation to 35 and apply.

Create an Action to Extrude
Now here’s the tricky part. We’ll now create an action that will help us
extrude our layer. Open the Actions Palette by going to Window >
Actions. Open the Actions menu in the Actions Palette and select New
Set. Name it "Extrude". This will create a new action set. Click Create
New Action button and name the action "main". Click the Record button.

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