Photoshop Digital Painting Tutorial - "Melodic" [Part1]

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Photoshop Digital Painting Tutorial - "Melodic" [Part1]

Post by discovery on Wed Apr 11, 2012 3:22 am

Photoshop Digital Painting Tutorial - "Melodic" [Part1]

Now, I want to share step by step my digital painting techniques. I
want to make people portrait, I choose Vanessa Anne Hudgen. My concept
is a woman who is enjoying the canary singing, on a warm afternoon. The
title is "Melodic". I hope this digital painting tutorial will be useful. Finished version: Melodic

1. I make outline from my reference picture at the new layer (above background layer). You can see my reference picture here. No detail outline is needed.

*Click image to enlarge

2. Make basic shape of the face, at the new layer, and place under the
outline layer. I need the sharp edge, so I set the Brush Hardness: 100%.

3. You must choose shadow and highlight color, place in the new layer.
Then, add some rough shadow (remember, each step, place it in the new
layer, for facilitate when editing/ finishing). You can see my brush setting, here: Tutorial Basic Digital Painting, I always use that brush setting.

4. Make eyes and eyebrow. To make eyelash and eyebrow, I use this brush setting (F5): Shape dynamics, Control: pen pressure.

5. Add lips. I choose soft color here.

6. Add rough hair, no detail needed, this is just for basic hair shape.

7. Add face shadow and highlight.

8. Add hair shadow, I use "Charcoal brush", brush setting: Spacing 1%, Other dynamics: Opacity jitter & Flow jitter: Pen pressure.
*Click image for detail

9. Add hair highlight.

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