10 Free PS Actions You Can’t Live Without

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10 Free PS Actions You Can’t Live Without

Post by discovery on Thu Apr 26, 2012 10:41 pm

Photoshop actions are a great way to add some spice to stock
photography or your own photos and designs, and free Photoshop actions
are even better! While it’s always important to incorporate your own
artistic flair into your designs, actions are good for getting those
creative juices flowing. They let you see an image in a different light,
making even the most mundane photos into works of art.

You can create your own Photoshop actions simply by hitting the
record button in your actions palette in PS, and they’re often a
godsend, especially when you want to batch-process a lot of images or
give the same effects to a group of photos. The amazing artists below
have given back to the design community by creating and sharing their
very own free Photoshop actions. I’ve taken one of our photos and
applied the following actions to them so you can see what a difference a
little lighting, blending, texture, and fills can make. All links to
the download sites are in the title heading if you hover over the

Vintage Action by Vindauga

I love vintage actions, and this one is no exception. An oldie but a
goodie, this vintage action by Vindauga plays with texture, edge
effects, and color overlays, giving the image a truly antique feel.

Vintage Film Action by Fallout75

One of the best vintage actions I’ve come across, this vintage film
action by fallout75 groups all effects into an overlay instead of
merging layers at the end of the action, allowing you to manipulate all
the layers to get the perfect vintage photo. A radial gradient overlay
tops it off to create darkened edges, the finishing touch to any retro

Photoshop Action Set 111 by Night-Fate

Night-fate is famous for her Photoshop actions. She’s created around
150 different action sets, all available at her dA site. I especially
like how this action (#3 from set 111) works on nature photography as
well as portraits.

Photoshop Action Set 26 by Night-Fate

This image was created using #3 from night-fate’s action set 26. Lots of blues and green tones.

Photo Coloring II by Iconmaker91

This action by Iconmaker91 increases overall saturation and gives a
yellow wash over your image, creating a strikingly beautiful effect.

Oscar Pilch Photoshop Action 1 by w1zzy

Oscar Pilch is a young Polish graphic artist whose work is reminiscent of one of my favorite artists, Eduardo Recife. He’s put out one of his own Photoshop actions, which creates an aged look on your images.

Movie Effect Action by fraggedICE

This movie effect action by fraggedICE is detailed and dark, adding
noise, great black and white effects, and black borders to create an old
film effect.

Vintage Actions by love4art

Another beautiful set of vintage actions by love4art, this one allows
you to create a light-vintage or dark-vintage effect depending on the
tone of your original work.

50 Photoshop Postwork Actions by Manicho

50 Photoshop actions. ‘Nuf said.

Black and White Photoshop Actions by Ma’ani Studios

This action set features varying black and white effects. Try them
all out–certain ones are better for certain images depending on light
and contrast.



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