How to Give a Picture a Transparent Background

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How to Give a Picture a Transparent Background

Post by diamonds on Sat Jul 14, 2012 3:11 am

How to Give a Picture a Transparent Background

First things first, download Gimpshop so
you can practice along with the following directions! Gimpshop is like
photoshop, but for free! And... it works on Macs and PCs!

If Gimpshop doesn't install properly on your computer, download Gimp. It's literally the exact same program, but Gimpshop looks more like Photoshop when it's open. Either will work!

I kept the same format as last week with the step by step directions with images... let me know how you like the format!

A common issue that I run into is images that are light/white in
color... so here's a troubleshooting tip! If you run into any other
problems doing this, leave me a comment and I'll walk you through how to
fix them!

Thank you for visiting technology Tuesday! Speaking of technology... I
made three banners for the contest going on over at TPT. If you like
them, please vote on them (be sure to vote on all three!). All you have
to do is click the picture below and click "Like!" on facebook! It'll
take five seconds of your time and I'd really appreciate it!


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