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English vocabulary learning Empty English vocabulary learning

Post by شجون on Mon Mar 29, 2010 2:06 am

English vocabulary learning

people think that knowing a lot of words is a key to fluent speaking.
It's true! However, there are many people who have wide idiolect and
problem with fluency. They try to learn more and more words because
they think vocabulary is their problem. They don't realize the problem
is somewhere else. They always try to use exact translation of the word
thay want to use, but it causes that they often get stuck.

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you have same problem remember that almost all words can be swapped by
some other words. If you'll be speaking and suddenly stop, trying to
get to your mind translation of some word, forget it! Try to say what
you have on mind in other words - practising it is a real key to fluent
English conversation!


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