How to let go of fear

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How to let go of fear

Post by diamonds on Sun Sep 23, 2012 4:26 am

How to let go of fear

Many of us are driven by fear. Some of us realise it, some don’t.
Fear can lead to illness, broken relationships, conflict and
environmental destruction. It’s therefore worth taking a closer look, to
see what we can do about it.

Fear starts with a repetitive series of thoughts which then lead to
emotions that we can feel in our bodies. It’s useful when it helps us
avoid a physical danger such as a charging mammoth or a speeding car.
However, fear can also get us into a lot of trouble.

Fearful thoughts are about what might or might not happen in the
future. They aren’t about what’s happening now. And now is the only time
there is. It’s better to be present. Once you’re present, you’re much
more aware of both threats and opportunities. Then you can take the
right action at the right time.

It isn’t easy to let go of fear overnight, but the following exercise will help you get started:

* Find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed for a few minutes.

* Sit upright on a chair, remaining completely relaxed. Keep your hands open in front of you and your feet flat on the floor.

* Close your eyes. Allow your body to relax. Let go of any tension. Let go of any concerns or preoccupations.

* Feel where you are now: the clothes touching your skin, the weight
of your body on the chair, the air on your face and hands.

* Listen as far as possible into the distance, beyond the sounds nearby. Remain aware of this for a while.

* Let go of any mental comments or judgements about the sounds. Rest your attention on the breath as it flows in and out.

* Don’t try to change any of these things. Simply allow your attention to rest upon them.

* Open your eyes. Become aware of colour and form. Feel the weight of your body on the chair, the air on your face and hands.

* Remain aware of this for a while.

This is a form of meditation, sometimes known as connecting with the senses.
It brings you into the present moment. You’ll still have thoughts – and
the emotions that accompany them – but you can watch them come and go.
They begin to lose their power over you. They gradually quieten down.

Every time you feel afraid, you can pause for a few seconds,
reconnect with your senses and return to the present. Then you can focus
on what you’d love to happen, instead of what you fear.

Do tell me how you get on with this exercise!


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