Letting Go of Fear: An Exercise

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Letting Go of Fear: An Exercise

Post by diamonds on Sun Sep 23, 2012 4:36 am

Letting Go of Fear: An Exercise

“Do the thing you fear; and the death of fear is certain.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

To be able to “move through” and release our fears, we must first
allow ourselves to acknowledge them. If we stay in denial of them, they
will remain our constant companions throughout our lives. Do you have a
fear of opening up to love, for example? What better time than right
before Valentine’s Day to try this visualization for releasing your

Question yourself: What is the fear that has the greatest hold on me and most influences my life?

Ask to be aligned with your highest purpose, and ask the healing
angels, the beings of light and your guardian angel for help, and thank
them for their help.

Breathe in love and light, release and let go on the out-breath.

Starting with your feet and working up, keep releasing and letting go
of any tensions you may hold in your muscles. Carry on releasing and
letting go of all tensions, all the way up to the top of your head.

When you are ready, grow strong golden roots from the soles of your
feet, down through the layers of the earth, all the way to mid-earth,
where you find a huge, solid rock.

Now allow your golden roots to wrap themselves around this rock.

Meanwhile you become aware of an orange light surrounding you. This
light has a beautiful glow to it and feels both strong and soothing.

Take a deep breath in and allow this light to flow into the top of
your head, through your crown chakra. Allow the orange light to fill
your crown chakra, then your throat chakra, down to your heart chakra,
and finally into your solar plexus chakra, just above your belly button.

Allow your entire solar plexus centre, the seat of your fears and anxieties, to be filled with this orange light.

When this has been achieved, place your left hand on your solar plexus and then place your right hand on top of it.

Allow yourself to feel the fear that is presenting itself.

When you have connected with your fear, visualize yourself sitting in
your own private cinema. Sit back in your cinema chair and grab the
remote control. You are aware that your fear is about to be uncovered,
enabling you to face it once and for all.

Take another deep breath and in your own time push the start button
on the remote control and ask for the origin of your fear to show up on
the screen.

To your amazement a scene from your life flashes up immediately, in full color and with sound accompanying it.

Stay focused on your fear and keep on breathing in the orange light.

Now using your remote control, fade the color out of the scene in
front of you, until the movie you are viewing is entirely black and

Observe how the fear is starting to loose its grip on you.

Take another deep breath of the beautiful, soothing orange light. Release and let go on the out-breath.

Next press the zoom button and shrink the scene until there is only a
tiny dot left on the screen. As you watch, even the dot disappears.

Your fear has been extinguished.

Turn off your remote. Imagine a large electric-blue downy sleeping
bag, with a strong zip in front of you. Climb into it and zip it up. You
are now nicely protected by the strong electric blue energy surrounding

Give thanks.

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