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Mobile Social Networking Sites

Post by diamonds on Wed Oct 24, 2012 11:36 pm

Mobile Social Networking Sites

of the sites listed below share a certain set of features, which are
common to all mobile social networking sites. They allow the user to
create a profile, send and receive text messages via phone or computer, and visit an on-line version of the mobile site.

that, there seems to be six rough models that the sites adhere to. The
vast majority of them offer services that overlap heavily with other
sites. Almost all of them claim to be unique, which isn’t a lie exactly…
more of a bending of the truth. Most of these sites do have some unique
feature or special function that other sites don’t share, but the main
function of the site is the exact same as other services.

A – The Group Texter

site focuses on the ability to send short, text-based messages to a
large number of people at once. Whether it’s by SMS or micro-blog, this
site wants to get your words to the right people as quickly and simply
as possible.

B – The Radar

Radar knows where you are and knows where your friends are. These sites
really take advantage of the growing interest in location-based
services by keeping track of the where your contacts are. If you’re
sitting alone in a cafe and want to have a chat, this kind of site can
tell you if anyone you know is close by. A lot of these sites also allow
you to check if there’s anyone near a particular venue or location, and
some of them will actively alert you if any of your contacts comes
within a certain distance of you!

C – The Geotagger

sites are all heavily location-based. They allow users to tag
particular locations with images and information. These tags appear on a
world map that’s accessible by any user, and some of them will alert
you if you pass by somewhere that has been tagged by another user.

D – The Dating Service

sites are almost identical versions of their on-line counterparts.
Users create a profile and are matched with other profiles on-line. Some
of these sites use Radar qualities, so that they ping you if there’s a
matching single within a certain distance! These sites are also marked
by quite serious security measures, being quite careful to ensure that
no personal details (or your exact location) are released without your

E – The Social Networker

type of site tries to model on-line social networking sites as closely
as possible. In many cases they are simply mobile portals of an already
successful site like Facebook or Bebo. They offer an extremely wide
series of functions, including multi-media posts, chatrooms, photo
sharing, instant messaging and customisable web-pages. Many of them also
offer inexpensive international phone calls and SMS for the price wary.

F – The Media Share

sites are the video and audio version of the Group Texter. They are
only concerned with sharing files as quickly and efficiently as possible
with your friends and groups. Most of them store your phone content
on-line so that your mobile doesn’t get clogged with large video files.
Quite a few also accept streaming content from your phone and broadcast
it automatically… very dangerous on those drunken nights out!

obviously the list of sites below isn’t exhaustive. If you know of any
sites that I’ve failed to inlude here, or if you think I’ve made a
mistake in terms of the description or categorisation of the sites
below, please send me a mail at


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