5 Exercise Tips To Lose Belly Fat

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5 Exercise Tips To Lose Belly Fat

Post by 3loomi on Thu Nov 21, 2013 7:24 am

5 Exercise Tips To Lose Belly Fat

The reason that consumers want to loose belly fat is because people don’t like the way they look with the excess pound. The belly fat also puts you at risk of developing certain health issues such as: stroke, heart disease, and diabetes. As you get older, you will find you store more weight in your stomach. You cannot simply take a pill to loose weight, so you should do certain things to lose weight.

Exercise to Get Rid of Belly Fat

1. Aerobic Workouts
It’s very important that people who are trying to lose weight should do aerobic workouts. If your a beginner, you should slowly increase the intensity of the workout every day or every week. The more that you exercise, the more calories you will lose. Losing calories will mean losing weight as well. In order to lose a pound of body fat, you must first burn 3,500 calories. You should be exercising one hour and 15 minutes every day. You will have to put some quality time into exercising for it to be successful. If you run, you will lose weight at a faster rate than if you walk.

2. Eat more often
You should be eating more often by eating less in each meal. You should be eating the things you love in moderation. It may be difficult to completely cut the foods that you love out of your life, so you should get it in moderation. In order to lose weight, you should be eating a small meal about every three hours. This way will help increase your metabolism, so you can lose weight.

3. Reduce your stress
When your stressed out, you will have a high cortisol level. The high cortisol level can cause people to crave junk foods, and it can can cause the body to store fat in the stomach. If you get enough sleep, exercise and reduce your stress; you will be able to help keep your cortizone levels down. If stress is causing you to want junk food, you should choose a healthier option instead.

4. Do not drink alcohol
The more you drink, the larger your stomach will grow. Alcoholic drinks will only put empty calories on your body as the calories do not have any nutritional benefit. You should not be drinking beer or liquor because it’s calories you don’t need. When you cut your alcoholic beverage consumption, you will notice a difference in several months.

5. Exercising
You should be weight training because you lose muscle mass when you reach an age over thirty years-old. Not only will you reduce your body fat, you will burn more calories and increase your metabolism. You should make sure to do the right exercises because it’s possible to work the muscles under the fat when you do a lot of crunches. You want to be doing strength training. Several studies have suggested you can lose anywhere between ten and fifteen percent of your belly fat. The goal is to increase your muscle ass, so you build your metabolism, decrease your calorie intake, and reduce body fat.
Here’s a video for an additional information on how you can lose those belly fat.


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