How to Stand up for Yourself

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How to Stand up for Yourself

Post by reem on Sun Jul 18, 2010 4:44 pm

Ever get tired of being pushed around? Ever forced to do something you dont want to do? Read on if your wish is to stand up for yourself!


Find out what is wrong and why you want to stand up for yourself. If it is a bully or an abusive person then read on to the second step


Sit down and think about the problem, he/she could be making fun of you or spreading rumors. Whatever the case think about the seriousness about the problem


Anger yourself! As foolish as it sounds it is a good motivation to get you to get over your fear of speaking out
for yourself. Do not let anything back! However don't go and strangle
the person for pity's sake. Punch a pillow if you have to, think about
what the person did to you!


Confront the person. If you need motivation think about step 3. Walk up angrily and tell,
not ask, the person to stop whatever he is doing. If he/she has friends
he/she will most likely turn to them and laugh. Then get Chest-to-chest
touching and get in the persons face and say it again only louder and
with more anger, read next step..


Be prepared to feel half peeved off and scared to death
and to realize that his/her response from step four will be to push you
. Do not become violent back. Just respond
with sensible words. He/she will taunt you but you must remain calm and
angered. Don't just be angered, look angered as well; clench a fist but
avoid violence.


Start yelling at this point. Demand that he/she stop
the problem. This will attract attention that he/she will not like you
so very much. It will also involve other people as if they expect a
fight and are separating you two. Get louder and louder until he/she
backs off. If this does not work then let your gut feelings guide you
on what to do next, the feeling you will face will not listen to a
wikiHow guide.



Make sure you get it through the person's thick skull with your voice, be loud and strong.

Don't give up! You must not let up on your side of the argument.

Do not for one second doubt yourself, once they pick up on this they
are more likely to kick off with a fight to in their head, "put you
back in your place"

You might try yelling in their face till they leave you alone, but be
careful: it may just make them laugh at you if you are smaller than
them, or get you in trouble (like for disturbing others with the noise).

One thing you could do is find something that makes them feel
insecure--that makes them feel like you are too powerful to bully. If
you can find a weakness and use it against them, they may back off.

If they keep doing it try to stand up for yourself some more before you go to a parent or if at school teacher.



  • You may get in trouble.
  • Don't take this guide to heart! Only do this is if you have no clue
    what to do. In my opinion not much of this article hits the mark.
  • She/he might pretend to cry and tell the teacher then TROUBLE.
  • Be aware that the person could physically assault you, not just push you.
  • Be aware that most people will not get involved and "separate" you.
  • They'll spread a rumor about you.
  • You might make it better, or you might make all depends on how you handle yourself.


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Re: How to Stand up for Yourself

Post by evergreen on Wed Jan 19, 2011 2:12 am


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Re: How to Stand up for Yourself

Post by Dave Jones on Wed Jul 23, 2014 2:29 am

I have used Fear of public speaking for improving self confidence too.
Dave Jones

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Re: How to Stand up for Yourself

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