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all HTML tags

Post by discovery on Wed Dec 29, 2010 11:57 pm

all HTML tags

l e s s o n s

Below are links to all of the lessons in this tutorial.
Most of the lessons can be done off-line if you download to your computer an archive of the tutorial pages. We've provided links at the top of every lesson page to a brief summary of all HTML tags covered in these lessons.

If you are having trouble, first check the Frequently Asked Questions also linked from the top of every lesson page.

Also, we now have a single PDF document with the content of all the listed lessons, suitable for printing, though it weighs in at 330 pages

Standardly Speaking About HTML

<ol type="1"><li>Creating Your First HTML Document
</li><li>Modifying an HTML Document
</li><li>Headings: Six Levels Deep


</li><li>Breaking up into Paragraphs

</li><li>Doing it with Style
</li><li>Lists, Lists, and Lists <ul><ol>
<li>Graphics and File Formats

  1. Inline Images

</li><li>Linking it with Anchors

  1. Links to Local Files URLs: Web Pointers http:, ftp:, gopher:..

  2. Links to the World: Internet sites Links to Sections of a Page

  3. HyperGraphic Links

</li><li>Preformatted Text
</li><li>Special Characters é ©
</li><li>Definition Lists
</li><li>Address Footers and E-Mail Links [email=...]
</li><li>[email=...][/email]You can Blockquote Me on That <blockquote>
</blockquote></li><li>Lumping vs. Splitting
</li><li>Standard and Enhanced HTML
</li><li>Colorful And Textured Backgrounds
</li><li>Don't Blink, Don't Marquee
</li><li>Spiffing Up Text
</li><font color="#000000" face="..." size="..."><li>Easy Horizontal Rules

</li><li>Extra Alignment , <i> <img vspace="...," hspace="...<br"></i>
</li><li>Setting the Table
</li><li>More for Images and Lists , <ol type="..">
<li>Clickable Image Maps
</li><li>META in your HEAD
</li><li>Target That Window
</li><li>Web Page, You've Been Framed
</li><li><b><i><sup><sub><u><strike>A Wee Dose of JavaScript <ol type="1">
</li><li> Alerts and Rollovers [size=9]


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Re: all HTML tags

Post by evergreen on Wed Jan 19, 2011 1:47 am


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