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Post by evergreen on Tue Mar 16, 2010 1:52 am

Examples of Slang
by Cassie Howell

Slang: Originally meant abuse

Have a Cow: This is normally used as part of a sentence. For example:
"Don't have a cow." Or "My mom’s going to have a cow." There are some
variations, for instance, "have a bird."

Cool: This popular expression is used to describe something that is very good.
Ex: “That band is cool!”

Cat’s Pajamas: Used in the 20’s, this expression is very similar to "cool."

Other slang term that have similar meanings are: "radical," "groovy,"
"da-bomb," and "neat-o."

Chill: This can mean to calm down, for example, “Chill out, Dude.” It
also can have an "-in" ending added to mean to relax, as in “We’re just
chillin at my house.”

Dude: This is can be used to refer to any person whether they are known
by the speaker or not. Ex. “That dude is stealing my car.” Or “Dude,
I’m glad you finally called.”

Peace: Used as a greeting during the late 60’s and early 70’s.

Stinks: When used as a slang term, this means "is bad." For example: “This exam stinks.”

Trollin: Used to describe a car or cars traveling slower than the flow of traffic. Example: "This car is really trollin."

Mr. Charley: a white man
The Man: the law

Uncle Tom: a meek black person
23-skiddoo: used in the 1920s

booze: alcohol

buzz off: go away

john, head, can, loo: toilet

schnozz: nose

grub, slop, garbage, gas: food

tart: upstart young woman or prostitute makin'

whoopee (Walter Winchell - 1929): making love


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Examples of Slang Empty Re: Examples of Slang

Post by discovery on Mon Mar 14, 2011 12:37 am

thank you

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