Self Defense for Women

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Self Defense for Women

Post by diamonds on Sat Nov 12, 2011 2:53 am

<h1>[color:c39b=ff00ff]Self Defense for Women</h1>Self defense is a skill that can be learned by almost woman. We all
envision ourselves as master martial artists, like Jackie Chan, whooping
multiple bad-guy butt while still looking sharp and sustaining no
injury ourselves.

I'm sorry, I can't teach you how to do that (I
can't do that myself). I can coach you so you can defend yourself when

I also cannot make your specific action decision, either. This is not
a black and white situation. There are always personal circumstances
where I can't simply tell you how to react. At the same time, I can't
pass judgement on how other women handle themselves when confronted with
self defense experiences. There are infinite components to each
situation: presence of children, local laws and finances.

Please know, though, that you are a valuable human and have the
right to be treated as such. Women are mentally strong by nature and can
make tough decisions about their own life and the lives of those in her

Look through the pages of my website and read first those that
fit your situation. If you are not in an immediate situation please
start at the beginning where we discuss avoidance and how to anticipate
issues and various alternative methods to deal with them.

Pressure points can be an effective method of women's self defense.

First I'd like to show you how to hopefully avoid having to use any of the techniques here.
Unfortunately, it’s a mean ‘ole world and sometimes dire circumstances find us despite our best efforts to evade them.

The most important self defense tool you have is, of course, your brain. Use it! Let common sense prevail.

Always be aware of your surroundings, especially when you're alone

Listen: MP3 players and phones limit that ability

Watch: Eyes up, look at faces- what are you watching the ground for, coins?

Feel: Be aware of what your “gut” may be trying to tell you, besides that it’s hungry.

Self awareness is foremost. That includes the awareness of
everyone around you, where they are and what they are doing. It seems
like a lot to keep track of all the time, but after a while it will be
second nature, an unconscious talent.

One day you may find yourself trapped, threatened and in fear of your or, God forbid, a loved one's safety.
You will be glad that you took the initiative to learn self defense. No
one wants to be the next tragic story on the six o’clock news.


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