5 Reasons You Must try Arabian Food

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5 Reasons You Must try Arabian Food

Post by evergreen on Tue Sep 28, 2010 7:12 am

5 Reasons You Must try Arabian Food

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Arabic Mandi

People may sometimes be very anxious to try new type of food. Arabian cuisines are the best thing if you really want to try something different. It’s different, has ingredients that may be very different from the norm. Some ingredients you may have never heard of!There are many benefits to eat Arabian food. You just have to take the leap, open your mouth and your sense, and taste your way through tradition and history to what is called Middle Eastern cuisine.5 reasons for Eating Arabian Food :

1. HealthyYou won’t find a lot of fat like butter and lard in Middle Eastern cooking or food preparation. Many recipes use only olive oil, and in very small quantities. Very few dishes are fried, also. You will find many foods are grilled and baked.

2. Rich in VeggiesMiddle Eastern food is a natural choice for vegetarians. Veggie only kebobs, appetizers likehummus and baba ghannouj, and meatless soups and stews give vegetarians so many options. Middle eastern salads are filling and served with many types of veggies and spices.

3. New Food Starts Your Journey to Learn More.In college, I had a friend who had never eaten any type of ethnic cuisine. I took him to a Middle Eastern restaurant and although he was wary of trying something new, he did and loved it. Today, my friend speaks enough Arabic to carry on a conversation and has visited the Middle East three times. All because of a little kibbeh…4. Bring Your Family Closer Together.Don’t believe me? Try it. So much can be said and learned over a 45 minute meal. Learning about a new culture can be such a family building exercise. Each week, one of my children cooks a meal from another country. Under my supervision, they chop vegetables, set the table and serve the meal. This time allows me, as a father, to interact with my children productively.

5. Cooking Requires Very Little Skill.You don’t need a degree from the Cordon Bleu to cook up some kebabs or tabouleh. Middle Eastern cooking is about improvisation, using whatever cooking skills you have. Veggies and meats don’t have to be perfectly sliced or served a certain way. It’s all about what you know how to do!


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