easy Illustrator Tutorials

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easy Illustrator Tutorials

Post by discovery on Fri May 11, 2012 9:29 am

Illustrator Tutorials

Realistic Glass Orb

how to use illustrator to create this realistic glass orb. In this
tutorial you will learn how to use opacity masks to make clear

Professional Text

Learn how to make some very clean and professional text that will please your viewers but not overindulge them with graphics.

Swan Logo

Adding images to text and or manipulating text is a great way to make a professional looking logo.

Placing Text on Paths

Illustrator allows you to connect words to paths and manipulate the paths to dictate the direction of the text.

Area Type

its hard to add text to your complex shapes, but there is a solution!
Learn how to use area typing to add text into any kind of shape.

Image Masking

Here I will show you the basics of masking in Illustrator. In this tutorial we will add an image into some text.

Picture Frame

Showcase your images with style. Here I will show you how to draw a picture frame.



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